We’ve all heard the horror waxing stories. Ripped skin, bruising, and yup – even bleeding. We hear them too from new clients coming into the salon in search of better waxing techniques and results. Word is getting around Kelowna about our star waxing technicians! They’re expertly trained in technique, but also familiar with the proper type of wax to be used in addition to testing dozens of brand names of wax.

Today, we’re concentrating on hard wax or otherwise known as hot wax. Why? Because it’s extremely useful in grabbing stubborn hair, especially in delicate areas. However, it is also widely misunderstood by many “home waxers” and even some waxing technicians.

Soft wax versus hard wax. Which is better? Well, we need a variety of tools to provide the ultimate waxing experience which includes a different wax for every job. Yes, all waxes remove hair – that’s their ultimate purpose. However, there are several questions that swirl around in our brains before we slather you with soft or hard wax.

What type of skin do you have?

Where do you want to be waxed?

What type of hair do you have?

What size of area is to be waxed?

How long is the hair to be waxed?

The chosen wax should produce a hairless, silky-smooth, bruise-free, beautiful result!

You’re probably already aware of the numerous advantages of waxing in general. Maybe you’ve tried soft wax strips at home with average results. Perhaps even caused some bruising.

Hard wax is a bit more complicated than your regular at home soft wax strips. We always recommend coming into The Wax Shop so that our trained waxing technicians can provide you with an expert hard wax treatment.

The name “hard wax” may scare you because of the name but when applied correctly by a professional, it could make a huge difference in both the immediate results and the long term benefits. We constantly hear from our clients that they were SHOCKED how comfortable the experience was – especially with those, uhm, sensitive areas under here and over there!

Some things you should know about hard wax:

Hard wax is significantly more costly for us to purchase, making it less popular in most waxing salons. Although The Wax Shop’s rates are comparable with other salons, we have never claimed to be the cheapest waxing studio in Kelowna. We are proud to use the highest quality waxing products on the market, and it shows in our results.

The quality of hard waxes that we use, plus the skills of our waxing technicians are just two of the things that set us apart from other waxing studios in Kelowna.

Want to know more? Contact us here! We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

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